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The grade levels are based on the Singaporean math curriculum and can differ than that in your country. Our math learning materials are completely free and printable and have been used by both ESL and native English speaking students around the world. We believe that the worksheets should contain simple vocabulary and focus on the basic math skills.

We are constantly developing more learning activities and would really appreciate your feedback.

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Using supplemental and remedial worksheets

There are many great websites online with math learning materials. This enables educators to teach more child-centered. Because of the availability of information, teachers and students can focus on individual strengths and weaknesses.

It is easy, for example, to print sets of different math worksheets and give these to individual students based on their abilities. The better students will receive more challenging and higher grade level materials and the weaker students will get remedial learning materials. Online worksheets can be used as supplemental and be done at school or at home

Students can benefit enormously from this and could even assess their own progress. Schools, teachers and parents need to embrace the new technologies and use these to improve the learning processes.

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