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Positive Integers (Parentheses)

On this page you find our Order of Operation worksheets for grade levels 4 to 6, with application of the BODMAS or PEMDAS rules. BODMAS stands for brackets, Orders (square roots and exponents), Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction. Mixing up the correct order of the operations can lead to wrong answers. This means that anything within brackets (parentheses) will go first. Exponents (or square roots) go before the 4 basic operations and multiplication and division go before addition and subtraction. Division and multiplication rank equally and so do addition and multiplication. In this case you need to read from left to right, and what comes first will go first.

PEMDAS stands for Parentheses (brackets), Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction and works equal to BODMAS. It's just a different mnemonic for the same principle. Other known mnemonics are BEDMAS, BIDMAS, BOMDAS and luckily for you they all work the same.

We have a section with basic operations with only positive integers with and without parentheses. The BODMAS and PEMDAS rules will have to be applied and these relatively easier exercises are a great starting point for students who want to master the concept of order of operations.

Once you got the trick, you can spice it up a bit with negative numbers, double brackets, decimals, exponents and the quite challenging worksheets with fractions. These worksheets are suited for grades 6 and 7 or for the whizzkids in the lower levels.

Our Order of Operations worksheets for math grades 4 to 6 cover: order of positive and negative integers with and without parenthesis and brackets, order of operation worksheets with fractions, order of operation worksheets with decimals, order of operation worksheets with exponents, missing numbers and operators order of operation worksheets, bodmas worksheets, pemdas worksheets.

Our Order of Operations worksheets are based on the following Singaporean Curriculum math topics:

  • Being able to understand of order in operations
  • Understand the concept of BODMAS or PEMDAS
  • Being able to apply the BODMAS rules
  • Being able to use the order rules in expressions with and without parentheses
  • Being able to use the order rules in expressions with positive and negative integers
  • Being able to use the order rules in expressions with decimals and fractions
  • Being able to use the order rules in expressions with exponents

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