Printable Venn Diagram Worksheets

Here you find our free grade 6 or 7 Venn diagram worksheets that can enhance both math and logic skills. Click on the worksheets to go to the download page.

Venn diagrams are used to picture the relationship between different groups or things To draw a Venn diagram you start with a big rectangle (called universe) and then you draw to circles overlap each other (or not). When presented with the Venn diagrams, students will have to answer all kinds of questions about the 2 groups of data.

The concept of Venn diagram can be quite challenging for grade 6 math students and we would like to advise educators and teachers to print out our Venn worksheets and go through them step by step. Once the concept is understood, students will find them challenging but engaging. Our Venn diagram math materials and exercises come as free PDF printable.

Our Venn Diagram worksheets are based on the following Singaporean Curriculum math topics:

  • Being able to understand Venn diagrams
  • Understand the concept of sets
  • Understand logic of overlapping sets
  • Being able to solve word problems based on the presented information
  • Being able to apply deductive logic reasoning skills

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