Comparing and Ordering Numbers Worksheets

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Numbers up to 100

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The Singapore math curriculum divides the grade levels by numbers: grade 1 includes numbers up to 100, grade 2 works with number up to 1,000, grade 3 is up to 10,000 and grade 4 and up will be able to solve math problems with larger numbers and decimals. The topic Comparing and Ordering numbers enhances the number sense of students.

We have added comparing and ordering with numbers up to 100 for grade level 1. Students will have to compare numbers in terms of bigger and smaller and place them in order from small to great and big to small. Our grade 1 ordering worksheets have visuals and are relatively easy to solve.

For math grade 2 we have prepared compare and order worksheets with numbers up to 1,000. The math exercises in which students have to make numbers by using digits on playing cards and the worksheets named 'Odd one out' are very challenging and good to test for understanding of this math topic.

Grade levels 3 and 4 are working with the bigger numbers (up to 10,000 and up to 100,000) and these sheets require a decent knowledge of place value of numbers and digits. In grade 4, math students will also learn how to sort and compare decimal numbers (up to hundredths).

Ordering, sorting and comparing numbers is strongly related to knowing the values and place values of numbers and for more materials we would like to advise you to download our Place Value worksheets. Our math worksheets are free for educators, parents and students who are learning math in school, math tutoring, homeschooling or through online math education and instruction.

Our comparing and ordering worksheets are meant for math classes 1 to 4 and cover comparing and ordering numbers up to 100 worksheets, bigger and smaller worksheets, greatest to smallest worksheets, numbers up to 1,000 worksheets, comparing larger numbers and comparing and ordering decimal numbers worksheets.

Our Comparing and Ordering worksheets are based on the following Singaporean Curriculum math topics:

  • Being able to compare basic numbers up to 20, 50 and 100
  • Being able to place numbers up to 20, 50 and 100 in order
  • Comparing numbers up to 1,000 , 10,0000 and larger numbers
  • Being able to place numbers up to 1,000, up to 10,000 and larger numbers in order
  • Being able sort number sets from greater to smaller, and smaller to bigger
  • Being able to sort and order decimal numbers
  • Being able to recognize errors made in ordering and comparing numbers
  • Being able to make numbers with given digits and place them in order

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