Printable Numbrix logic puzzles for kids

Numbrix is as simple as it is addictive: fill a grid with consecutive numbers in a horizontal or vertical sequencial path. Choose one of our Numbrix categories and levels:

6 by 6 Numbrix Puzzles

What is Numbrix?

The Numbrix puzzle is all about making an unbreakable path using a starting and finishing number (the numbers in the circles).The rules are similar to Hidato, with the only difference not being able to connnect them diagonally! Numbrix and Hidato are much alike and are both highly addictive math puzzles or games.


The rules of Numbrix are, as with Sudoku or Hidato, fairly simple. Fill a grid with numbers! These numbers have to connect in a horizontal or vertical consecutive path. The highest and smallest numbers are given and printed in circles. The Numbrix puzzles have already a number of clues , but the harder the puzzle the less clues. Some Numbrix have more than one unique solution.


We have created many Numbrix puzzles in different grid forms and sizes. The larger the grid (10 by 10) the more difficult. Our puzzles are excellent brain teasers, warmers or rewards for math students.


Here's a great Youtube video of a well-known online Numbrix game:




We found a great online Numbrix version!


The website the offers a great version of the Numbrix game. The have a daily new puzzle and a great archive of the online Numbrix puzzles. The game is developed by Marylin Vos Savant and is highly addictive. We advice everyone to play this game as it develops logic and problem solving skills!


The has also an excellent FAQ page with tips and great Numbrix information.


The Numbrix online game:



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