Killer Sudoku Addition Puzzles

Choose our Killer Sudoku levels. Solving Killer Sudoku puzzles requires the logic skills of regular Sudoku and the addition skills of Kakuro math puzzles.

6 by 6 Easier

Our Killer Sudoku puzzles for kids are the ultimate math puzzles. Math students love to solve puzzles and enhance their math skills at the same time.
The basic rules for Killer Sudoku math puzzles are:

1. Numbers may only appear once in each row and column.
Killer Sudoku grids are similar to the regular Sudoku grids. We offer the 6 by 6 and the 9 by 9 versions. The digits 1 to 6, or 1 to 9, may only appear once in each row and column which is similar to regular Sudoku.

2. Numbers may only appear once in each region.
In a Killer Sudoku math puzzle the grid is divided in so-called regions. The regions are clearly marked by thick black lines! In the 6 by 6 grids, we have 3 by 2 regions (3 times 2 equals 6 numbers) and with the 9 by 9 grid we have 3 by 3 regions (3 times 3 equals 9 numbers).

3. The sum of all numbers in a cage must equal the target number
Killer Sudoku grids are also divided in dotted cages. Each cage has a target number, which is the sum of the numbers in the cage.

4. You may not use the same numbers in a cage
Numbers may only appear once in each cage.

You can find a lot of strategies online for solving the Killer Sudoku puzzles online. We advice math students to start with the easier puzzles and try to recognize the number combinations for the dotted cages. When solving our addition puzzles, you are solving a puzzle, increasing your IQ and logic skills and practicing math at the same time. A win win.

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