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At MathinEnglish we love logic games and we offer the best, most educating, challenging and entertaining games to be found on the internet today. Logic games are good for students because they enhance problem solving skill and logic skills!


We have the following great math games on our website:

Angry Birds is a highly addictive logic game for all age groups. In this game you use a slingshot to launch birds. The objective is to hit their enenmies the pigs, who are hiding in all kind of structures. This game is fun, comical and highly addictive. You are warned.

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Red Remover is a fun loaded super game, also addictiveand for all age groups. The rules are simple:red shapes are bad,you need to get rid of them.Green shapes are lovely, you must keep 'm

This game is absolutely fantastic for math students of all grade levels.

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Super Stacker is a strategy game in which you have to stack squares, rectangles, circles and triangles. The objective of the game is to stack a given set and keep it stacked for at least 10 seconds. Absolutley fun and excellent logic game.

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In Gravity boy you have face the forces of gravity. In each game the player needs to collect a number of coins and liberate a blue creature.The player can turn the screen and play with gravity fields. This game will test your logic skills to the max.

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In Hungry Blocks you have to eat as many green blocks as you can and avoid the red blocks coming at you. The more yellow blocks you eat, the bigger you become and the more difficult it gets! This highly addictive game can be played as a welcome break from your math homework.

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Pumpin Remover has the same look and feel as Red Remover. You will love to play this game: its addictive and forces you to think out of the box. And that's exactly what math students are supposed to do.

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In Puzzle Bot you have to find your way to the exit. This online puzzle game is all about finding the right combination of switches to reach the other side. When you step on a black stone it turns gray, and vice versa. The objective of the game is to get all the stepping stones turned to gray. Great fun. Click here to play


Great fun and very effective math game based on addition facts. Shoot balls in order to make 10! Great addition practice for any grade level!

This game is excellent for remedial learning purposes.We highly recommend this math game.Click here to play Math Lines



Why online logic games are good for students


Logic games are officially not math games but are nevertheless recommended by many educators including math teachers. Logic games enhance logic and problem solving skills. By actively trying to solve puzzles, the gamer needs to think out of the box, needs to analyze made mistakes and errors and, even more importantly, needs to think sequentially.


These skills are highly applicable in math education. To solve real life math problems requires the ability to analyze, break information down and to think in scenarios and consequences. By playing logic games such as Sudoku, online games, or game console games, students can train these necessary skills.


We have selected a couple of great online logic games that can be played here on MathinEnglish.com. Have fun playing!


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