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Loads of new Geometry material
2013-12-19 by Pete Angle

Geometry is one of the most thrilling areas of mathematics. It combines logic, spatial awareness and mathematical skills.

Over the years we have had many requests to expand and improve our section on geometry worksheets. And so we did. We placed loads of new worksheets, all free and downloadable for math students, teachers and parents. Also new is our set of worksheets covering area and perimeter, which is closely related to our shape and geometry learning materials.Read More

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Our free and printable math worksheets cover a wide variety of topics based on the Singaporean Math Curriculum . Our worksheets come with answers and are great for in the classroom or at home as remedial math source. No need to sign up or become member!

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Printable Hidato

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Tackling the Dreadful Division Problem
2013-05-13 by Rain Man

Many students struggle with division and especially long division. How can we make division Easier?

The absolute key to mastering division is multiplication and when students know their times tables better, they feel much more confident doing division exercises. It all comes down to practice, practice and practice. Remedial math materials can facilitate in mastering these multiplication skills and give young learners confidence.Read More

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