Fillomino Logic Puzzles for kids

Fillomino is a lovely number and logic puzzle for kids and math students with as objective to fill a grid with groups of similar numbers. Choose one of our Fillomino levels.

Easier Fillomino puzzles

What is Fillomino?
Let us be clear: Fillomino math puzzles are super simple and highly addictive! The explanation found on some websites can be (unfortunately) rather complicated. These are supposed to be math puzzles for both kids and adults. Words like monominos, polyominos, orthogonally adjacent or contiguous made us run for a dictionary. You can find a very good and complete explanation on Wikipedia!

Fillomino is a great logic and number puzzle that can be used as math learning material. Teachers can incorporate these printable puzzles in their geometry and logic classes. Great to end a week of hard learning by solving visual and cognitive challenging puzzles. Our puzzles are printable and suited for young and older math learners.
Have a look at the following Fillomino puzzle and its answer:

Fillomino how to play

The objective of the puzzle is to use the printed clue numbers and make groups of similar numbers. A '1' stands for a group of 1 one, a '2' for a group of 2 twos, a '3' for 3 threes, a '4' for a group of fours, etc.. Officially, the rules dictate that groups of the same number may not touch each other orthogonally adjacent. But we leave that to the player (or teacher) to decide.

Our Fillimino puzzles are primarily made for kids and math students in primary and secondary math years. They come in PDF form and are free to print. Fillomino puzzles for kids are part of our collection of Nikoli, logic and number puzzles for math students.

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