Mathrix Math puzzles

Choose one of our different Mathrix (Mathrax) puzzle sizes. Boost your math skills and find sums, differences, products and quotients, even and odd numbers and place them in this Sudoku-like grid. Mathrix is a great math puzzle for kids and math students.

4 by 4 Puzzles

We have Mathrix math puzzles in several matrix sizes: 4 by 4 math puzzles, 5 by 5 puzzles, 6 by 6, 7 by 7 and 8 by 8 puzzles. For each puzzles size we offer 3 difficulty levels: easier, medium (challenging) and harder. Mathrix math puzzles, also known as Mathrax puzzles, are great to develop math skills and arithmetic skills. Also your IQ and logic skills will be tested to the max when solving our math puzzles. Mathrix math puzzles for kids and math students are great for boosting your math skills.

printable Mathrax math puzzles for kids

The rules of Mathrix math puzzles are:

1. Numbers may appear only once in a row or column.
In the above image of a Mathrix puzzle, the grid size is 5 by 5, which means that the digits 1 to 5 must appear in each row and column. Each digit may and must appear only once. This rule is similar to Sudoku.

2. Circles with conditions are placed on 'intersections'
Circles with with conditions are placed on intersections and must be respected for both pairs of diagonally adjacent cells. In our example above we see a 6+, which means that the numbers placed in the 2 pairs of adjacent cells must add up to 6 (1 + 5, 2 + 4 or 3 + 3). Adjacent numbers may be the same.

3. Know the symbols
An 'O' stands for odd numbers, an 'E' for even numbers, a '+' for the sum, a '-' for the difference, a 'x' for product and a division symbol for quotient.

Our Mathrix (Mathrax) math puzzles are not only highly addictive but also great skill builders that can be incorporate in any math lesson or class. Play and learn!

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