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Choose one of our Math Word Search categories. Our math puzzles for kids have an educational edge:all clue words need to be calculated first!

Addition Word Searches

Math word search puzzles and word finders for kids can really benefit student development. Our math activities may look like puzzles, but combine this with an educational edge. By actively solving math problems by doing math puzzles, math learners show engagement and motivation in the subject.

We have integrated all mayor math topics in our puzzles, from addition puzzles to subtraction puzzles, multiplication and division, fractions and decimals and even math word problems in puzzle form. These math games for primary math students are great to use at the end of the study week, semester or even after completion of a test. The better skilled math learners can finish a word search in about 20 to 30 minutes and they will always ask for more. Please refer the students to our educational math site and let them print more math material themselves. A lot better than watching tv in our opinion.

The main objective of using math puzzles and word searches for kids is student engagement. It is possible to convert any math topic in a game. Just be creative, and use the thousands of online web tools available. There are plenty of great ideas out there to make worksheets engaging and easier 'digestible'. Math students will greatly benefit from this.

In order to solve our math word finders, students need to do the math problems first. The words are not given, but first need to be calculated! Our experience with these math puzzles are very positive. Students are fully into it and very fanatic to come up with the solutions! And that's what teaching and learning is all about: facilitation. So rather than solving endless rows of addition facts, we can use puzzles to get the same or (better) learning results.

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