Mass, length, volume and time math worksheets

Key words: mass, volume, length, time, hours, minutes, comparing, telling, elapsed, measurement, word problems, speed, distance, units

Telling Time Worksheets

    Draw Hour and Minute Hands  -   Hours and half hours

    Telling Time  -   Nearest 15 minutes

    What Time is it?  -   Nearest 15 minutes

    Draw Hour and Minute Hand  -   Nearest 5 minutes

    Telling Time  -  Nearest 5 minutes

    Time Patterns  -   Complete patterns

    Time Patterns  -   24 h clocks

    Telling Time  -   24h digital time


Elapsed Time, Time Intervals Worksheets

    Elapsed Time  -  Time intervals to the nearest 15 minutes

    Elapsed Time  -  Time intervals to the nearest 5 minutes


Units of Measurement Worksheets

    Comparing the Length of cars  -   Length

    Units of Measurement  -   Decimal conversion

    Units of Measurement  -   Fraction conversion


Measurement and Time Word Problems

    Mass, volume and length problems  -  Grade 1 level worksheet

    Measurement word problems  - Grade 1 level worksheet

    Mass, volume, length and time  -  Grade 2 level worksheet

    Measurement word problems  -  Grade 2 level

    Mass, volume, length and time  -  Grade level 3 word problems

    Measurement problems  -  3rd grade math story problems

    Chocolate pie ingredients  -  Calculate the mass of ingredients

    Measurement problems (I)  -  4th grade story problems

    Measurement problems (II) -  4th grade word problems

    Speed, distance and time  -  5 word problems

    Speed, distance and time  - Math story problems

    Buying fruits and vegetables  -  Price per kilogram (decimals)

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