Printable Number Sense and Spelling Worksheets

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Counting Numbers

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The first step in a child's math steps is to learn how to count accurately. Math students will start by counting objects and learn how to compare and order quantities. Our counting and spelling worksheets are suited for grade levels 1 to 5. We have basic counting worksheets with numbers up to 10 and also counting and spelling material with larger numbers. Some of our number worksheets are based on playing cards and math learners have to indicate the biggest and smallest numbers than can be made with these cards. Very challenging.

Based on the Singapore math curriculum, grade 1 math students learn numbers up to 100, grade 2 is up to 1,000, grade 3 10,000, grade 4 and up the larger numbers. The whole curriculum from the basic operations, geometry, graphing, place value, is based on this simple concept. Our numeracy, counting and spelling (decimals) worksheets also use this division of numbers.

For math class 1 we have counting up to 20 worksheets, counting up to 100 worksheets, counting backwards worksheets, counting before and after worksheets, counting and writing worksheets, addition odd even worksheets, ordinal numbers up to 10th worksheets, skip counting by number lines worksheets, skip counting single digit numbers worksheets, spelling and writing numbers up to 100 worksheets and tracing numbers worksheets.

For math grade 2 we have: counting up to 1,000 worksheets, before and after worksheets, counting backwards worksheets, read clues and guess number up to 1,000 worksheets, odd and even maze worksheets, odd even numbers up to 1,000 worksheets, ordinal numbers up to 100th worksheets, is the product odd or even worksheets, is the quotient odd or even worksheets, skip counting up to 1,000 worksheets, numbers words up to 1,000 worksheets, writing numbers up t0 1,000 worksheets.

Our grade 3 worksheets include: write numerals up to 10,000 worksheets, write number words up to 10,000, skip counting 2 digit numbers worksheets.

For grade 4 and 5 we have spelling and writing decimals worksheets, writing large numbers worksheets, writing millions worksheets, write large numerals worksheets, numbers up to 10 million worksheets.

Feel free to download our printable numeracy and number worksheets and use them in an educational setting.

Our Number and Spelling worksheets are based on the following Singaporean Curriculum math topics:

  • Counting objects in a given sets (Counting worksheets)
  • Counting by using number and place value charts
  • Counting and ordering larger numbers
  • Reading, writing and spelling numbers in numerals and in number words
  • Reading, writing and spelling decimal numbers
  • Comparing the numbers and objects (Comparing worksheets)
  • Ordering numbers from greatest to smallest and vice versa (Comparing worksheets)
  • Use of ordinal numbers (Up to hundredths) and ordinal symbols (Ordinal worksheets)
  • Recognizing odd and even numbers (Odd and Even worksheets)

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