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Find Averages (Basic)

On this page you find our math worksheets based on average calculations that, we feel, are suited for grades 4 and up. We have added them to our grade 4 and grade 5 math worksheets collections and are free to print and use.
Finding the average of a set can be quite challenging for young math learners as they first have to determine the size of the set, calculate the sum of a set and then divide by how many numbers there are in the set. This extends the basic principles of addition and division into a 3 step math concept, determine set size, calculate the sum, and divide by the set size.

We have several categories of average worksheets: from easier to quite challenging. Finding Average worksheets are about calculating the average of a set, or about finding the missing number sin a set given the average and set size. Once a math learner can calculate the average of a set, the more advanced average worksheets can be introduced. Finding the value of a missing number in a set, given the set's average, demonstrates mastery of the average concept.

After doing the average worksheets with sets with whole numbers, and Practical Units, math students can advance to our Average of Decimals worksheets, including Missing Decimal worksheets. Our section of Average Word Problems are also recommendable, and can be tough to solve. Here the math concept will get a real life. After reading, understanding and solving these word problems, we are convinced that the math topic Average will hold no further secrets for young math aces.

Our Average worksheets are based on the following Singaporean Curriculum math topics:

  • Being able to determine the size, how many numbers are in a set
  • Being able to find the sum of sets
  • Being able to find the average of different sets
  • Use the math concept with practical units
  • Understand how to calculate missing set numbers, given the average of the set
  • Being able to find the average of decimal sets
  • Being able to read, understand and solve real life math word stories

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