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Understanding Fractions

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Our fractions worksheets are made to guide primary math students to the process of understanding: from knowledge and comprehension to evaluation of skills. We have basic fraction worksheets, comparing and ordering fractions worksheets, simplifying and reducing fraction worksheets, addition and subtracting fractions worksheets, multiplying an divising fractions worksheets, conversion of fractions in decimals and percentages worksheets and many more fraction related worksheets.

The topic Fractions is arguably the most challenging math concept for primary students to really understand. It seems the opposite of counting: the higher the denominator the smaller the total. Fractions will become clearer through visuals, shapes and images and we emphasize the importance of using graphic fraction material and even better activity based activities such as dividing cakes, pies, sets of candies etc...

Only when students really understand the concept of fractions (basically division), they should progress to the next steps in the 'fraction curriculum' such as equivalence, simplifying and using them in math operations. Assessment of prior skills is vital in understanding fractions. If students fail to grasp the basic understanding, fractions will forever be perceived as difficult, brain cracking annoyances.

Working with fractions means that students must also feel comfortable in multiplication and division. Without the ability to easily recite division and multiplication facts, reducing fractions or adding unlike fractions will be very difficult. This is the main philosophy behind the Singapore math curriculum, a spiral curriculum building on skills rather than topics. Equivalence and reducing fractions are introduced in grade 3 when students are supposed to be able to 'dream' the multiplication tables.

Our fraction worksheets for math grades 2 to 6 cover: understanding fractions, shaded fractions, fractions and shapes worksheets, fractions as part of a whole worksheets, coloring fractions worksheets, comparing and ordering fractions, equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions worksheets, adding and subtracting fractions, multiplying fractions worksheets, dividing fractions worksheets, improper fractions and mixed numbers, fractions of a set worksheets, conversion of fractions in percents and decimals worksheets, exponents of fractions exercises.

Our Fraction exercises and worksheets are based on the following Singaporean Curriculum math topics:

  • Interpretation of fractions as being part of a whole
  • Being able to read and write fraction expressions
  • Being able compare and order unit and like fractions
  • Being to add and subtract fractions
  • Understanding equivalence and being able to express equivalent fractions
  • Being able to multiply and divide fractions by fractions, whole numbers or decimals
  • Understanding the concepts of mixed numbers and or improper fractions
  • Being able to calculate fractions of sets
  • Being able convert fractions into decimals and percents
  • Solving real life problems involving fractions

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