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Percents Introduction

On this page you find our grade 5 and 6 percent and percentage worksheets. Studying about percents and percentages in school is quite challenging. The definition or percent means literally 'per 100'. 1% means '1 out of every 100' and 20% means '20 out of every 100. The basic concept of percents is relatively easy to understand when we have 100 marbles or squared blocks and we pick that 1 or 20 out of these 100.

It becomes more challenging when we have a total of 50 marbles and we have to pick 20% of them. In this example we need to combine our percentage knowledge with either decimal or fraction skills. Both the decimal and fraction methods are learned in grade 5 in the Singapore math curriculum. In grade 5 the outcome of percentage calculations are whole numbers, whereas in grade 6 the outcome can contain (rounded off) decimals. Our percentage worksheets follow the Singapore curriculum.

Even more challenging are the concepts 'What Percent?' and 'Original Amount'. When we have to calculate the percent, we are given the percentage and the original amount. An example could be: what percent is 10 (percentage outcome) out of 20 ((original amount)? The answer is ........... In the case of calculating the 'Original Amount', we are given the percent number and the percentage outcome. An example of this could be: '$10 is 25% of ?'. The answer is .......... of course. The difference between grade 5 and 6 in these concepts lays also in the difficulty level of the numbers (whole numbers vs decimals or integers).

We have uploaded hundreds of percent and percentage worksheets for both grade 5 and 6 math students and hope you'll be able to use them and become an ace in math. Our online math educational materials can be used in math school, at home or in math tutoring.

Percentage worksheets: Our percentage worksheets for math grades 5 to 6 cover: understanding percents worksheets, shade percentages worksheets, calculate the percentage worksheets, what percent is used worksheets, what was the original amount worksheets, percents of fractions and decimals worksheets, percentage conversion is fractions and decimals worksheets, calculate the increase and decrease percent exercises, discount and interest calculations.

Our decimal exercises and worksheets are based on the following Singaporean Curriculum math topics:

  • Being able to express a part of a whole as a percentage
  • Feeling comfortable to use of the percentage symbol (%)
  • Being able to shade a percentage of shapes or recognize shaded areas
  • Being able to calcualte the percentage of whole numbers, decimals and fractions
  • Being able to calculate the used percent number given a percentage outcome and original amount/principal.
  • Being able to calculate the original principal given a percentage and percent number
  • Convert percents in both decimals and fractions.
  • Solving real life problems involving percents
  • Being able to calculate the percent increase or decrease between 2 numbers

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