Printable Geometry Worksheets

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Basic Shapes

Here you find our selection of Geometry worksheets based on the Singapore math curriculum. We have worksheets with basic shapes, compound shapes and polygons for grade levels 1 to 6. We also have worksheets with 3D shapes, with 2D to 3D conversion, cut out 3D shapes worksheets, nets worksheets and more.

For the lower math grade levels we have worksheets with shape patterns and complete the pattern worksheets. Math learners are fond of these shape activities.

We also have a lot of Line and Point worksheets with straight lines, curves, perpendicular lines, line segments and worksheets with parallel lines.

Our worksheets on Angles are based on measuring angles using a protractor, angle properties, worksheets with angles on lines and worksheets with angles in polygons. Also interesting are our worksheets with the 8 point compass in which angles need to be calculated.

We have added a section on symmetry and worksheets with tessellation probems. Also challenging are our volume and capacity worksheets for primary math class in which the capacity in metric units needs to be found.

Our geometry worksheets for math grades 1 to 6 cover: basic shapes worksheets, tracing shapes worksheets, grade 1 shapes worksheets, counting shapes worksheets, compound shapes worksheets, sides of polygons, regualr polygons, types of triangle worksheets, quadrilateral worksheets, 3d shapes and nets worksheets, shape patterns worksheets, shape sequences, lines and points worksheets, straight lines, curved lines, parralel lines, perpendicular lines workheets, types of lines workheets, drawing and measuring angles worksheets, angle properties worksheets, angles and sides, right angles worksheets, acute and obese angles exercises, types of angles worksheets, angles in polygons worksheets, angles in quadrilaterals, angles in regular polygons, angles in triangles worksheets, angles on lines worksheets, unknown angles worksheets, adding angles worksheets, angles around a point, angle diagrams, 8 point compass worskheets, symmetry in shapes worksheets, creating symmetry, reflecting shapes, tessellation worksheets,volume of cubes worksheets, volume of cuboids worksheets, volume of compound shapes worksheets.

Our Geometry and Shapes worksheets are based on the following Singaporean Curriculum math topics:

  • Recognizing and identifying the basic 2D and 3D shapes and Nets
  • Being able to recognize patterns of geometric shapes both 2D and 3D
  • Recognizing circles, polygons and regular shapes up to 10 sides
  • Being able to work with lines, points and line segments
  • Recognize curved and flat surfaces
  • Recognizing and measuring angles and angle properties
  • Being able to understand angle properties on lines and in polygons
  • Recognizing symmetry in shapes and objects
  • Being abe to tessellate objects on a plane
  • Know all directions on the 8 point compass
  • Work with volume, 3D and Nets

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