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Our math worksheets are great to use as activity material. Children love to do word searches. Feel free to print our PDF math puzzles and use them at home or in the classroom.


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Word searches with basic multiplication

Multiply by 1  - Basic multiplication

Multiply by 2  - Word Search

Multiply numbers by 3  - Word Finder

Multiplying by 4  - Math puzzle

Times 5 Table  - Multiplication activity

Multiplying by 6  - Learn those sixes

Multiplying by 7  - Basic multiplication

Multiplying by 8  - Word Search

Multiply by 9  - Word Finder

Multiply by 10  - Word Search

How many fingers on how many hands puzzle?  - Multiplication activity

How many candies for how many children?  - Problem solving



More advanced multiplication worksheets

Multiplying 1 by 2 digits  - Word Search

2 digit multiplication  - Word Finder

Multiply first and then add  - Math puzzle

Mixed multiplication and addition  - Multiplication puzzle

Multiplication and Subtraction  - Double operations puzzle

Mixed multiplication and subtraction  - Word Search

Multiplying 2 by 2 digits  - Multiplication worksheet

Double digit multiplication  - Calculate and find

Multiplying numbers by ten  - Word Finder

Equations with missing numbers  - Math puzzle

Multiplying missing numbers  - Solve and find

How many wheels ?  - Problem solving


Large numbers, decimals, fractions and percentages

Multiplying 3 by 2 digits  - Word search

Multiple digit multiplication  - Word Finder

Multiplying larger numbers  - Math puzzle

Multiplying numbers by whole hundreds  - Multiplication puzzle

Multiplying numbers by whole thousands  - Word Search

Multiplying numbers by decimals  - Calculate and find

Multiplying decimals  - Word Finder

Percentages of numbers  - Math puzzle

Multiplication and percentages  - Math activity

Percentage of numbers  - Solve and find

Multiplying numbers by fractions  - Word Finder

Missing numbers multiplication  - Activity sheet

We also have addition, subtraction and division word searches!

Popular Addition Word Searches


Read here why being able to recite the multiplication table is o so important.


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