Printable Math Shikaku Puzzles

Shikaku, or in Japanese 四角に切れ (Shikaku Ni Kire), is also called Rectangles.The goal of this number puzzle is to divide the grid into rectangular and squared blocks with numbers that represent the areas of those shapes.


We have 60 printable Shikaku (or Sikaku) puzzles in 4 grid sizes for you: 5 by 5, 8 by 8, 10 by 10 and 10 by 15!


Easier 5 by 5 Shikaku puzzles



More Challenging 5 by 5 Shikaku puzzles



Easier 8 by 8 Shikaku puzzles



More Challenging 8 by 8 Shikaku puzzles



10 by 10 Shikaku puzzles



Difficult 10 by 10 Shikaku puzzles



10 by 15 Shikaku puzzles



What is Shikaku or Rectangles ?


Sikaku is all about the areas of squares and rectangles. The player has to fill a grid with rectangles or squares with areas of already printed numbers. When an 'eight' is printed in the puzzle the player has to figure out whether to draw a '8 by 1' rectangle or a '2 by 4' rectangle. When a 'nine' is given, a '3 by 3' or '9 by 1' rectangle/square must be filled in.


The areas of prime numbers are easier! A 'thirteen' printed in the grid can only mean a rectangle of '13 by 1'! The more clues in the puzzle, the easier it is to solve. The difficult Rectangle puzzles contain no clues at all! Use your logic skills to do the math!



You can find a very good and complete explanation on Wikipedia!


The rules are simple and our printable math number puzzles are highly addictive. Many maths teachers use it when they teach about area and perimeter, or even about tessellation. The Shikaku number logic puzzle raises spatial awareness and enhances logic, problem solving and reasoning skills. Have a look at the following Shikaku maths puzzle for kids (5 by 5 grids are easier) and its answer:


Shikaku area number puzzle explanation


The object of the game is, as said, to fill the grid with squares and rectangles. In the above example the 'six' and the 'four' are the big give aways. The 'six' can only be a '3 by 2' rectangle and the 'four' only a '2 by 2' square. Once we filled these in, this puzzle can be solved in a matter of seconds! Please note that the Shikaku number puzzle is all about trial and error and the ability to try new ideas. Don't give up when stuck, just try again. We like the idea that when a puzzle is completed our math students can colour the rectangles.


Where else can I find these puzzles?


Shikaku is a number puzzle that is published by the famous Nikoli (にこり, nikori) puzzle magazine. A lot of information of the Shikaku/Rectangles puzzle can be found on the Nikoli website. They have loads of sample Shikaku puzzles and a clear explanations how to solve these math puzzles (can we call them math puzzles?).

The only downside is that they don't offer printable Sikaku puzzles. But hey, you can print them from our website!


There is even a small instruction video for the Nikoli Shikaku puzzle



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