Printable Fillomino Puzzles

Fillomino is a lovely number logic puzzle with the objective to fill a grid with groups of similar numbers. Each group is defined as a block of connecting cells: above, under, right and left (but not diagonal).A bit like Tetris!


We have 40 puzzles in 4 difficulty levels for you: Easy, Moderate, Challenging and Hard as a Brick (for young math students that is!).


Easier Fillomino Number Puzzles



Moderate Fillomino Number Puzzles



Challenging Fillomino Number Puzzles



Superrr.... difficult Fillomino Number Puzzles



What is Fillomino?


Let us be clear: Fillomino is super simple and highly addictive! The explanation found on some websites can be (unfortunately) rather complicated. Words like monominos, polyominos, orthogonally adjacent or contiguous made us run for a dictionary. You can find a very good and complete explanation on Wikipedia!



As we claimed, the game is simple and easy to play. Have a look at a Fillomino puzzle and its answer:


Fillomino how to play


The object of the game is to use the clues printed on the grid and make groups of numbers. A 1 stands for a group of 1 one, a 2 for a group of 2 twos, a 3 for 3 threes, a 4 for a group of fours, etc.. Officially, groups of the same number can not touch each other orthogonally adjacent. But we leave that to the player (or teacher) to decide. We think that this would be too hard in some cases for young math students. And games for which we can never find the answer are not motivating of course! There are other websites with Fillomino puzzles for the die-hard puzzle addicts.


Where else can I find these puzzles?


Other great web sources of the Fillomino number puzzles are:,, and The Puzzle Club. For the last one you need a paid membership.


There is even a small instruction video for Fillomino for the Android platform:



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