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Percentages song
Very simple but highly likable song introducing percentages. The video explains the relationship between hundredths and percents.

The percentage of a number
This video explains step by step how to calculate what percentage a certain number is a of a given total. It uses the division method.

Calculate the total given a percentage
This video explains how to calculate a total number given a percentage and teh value of this percentage. Well paced and very clear.

Percentage word problems
This video covers some interesting percentage word problems and explains how to solve them. Great practice material.

Percentage components
Very clear percentage video that explains the basic concepts such as base, rate and amount. Very clear and very helpful.

Converting fractions into perrcentages
This video clearly explains how to convert fractions into percentages. Well paced and very clear.

Calculating the discount
This video explains how to calculate the sales price given an discount percentage and discount amount. Very clear and well paced.

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