First and Second Grade Math Videos


Choose one of the following math videos:


The Numbears
This grade 1 math video involves a bear counting numbers up to 10. Great for young learners and very funny.

Numbers up to 30
In this video students will learn how to count up to 30. Grade 1 basic mathematics video.

Numbers up to 100
Funny video using music and colors to count all the way up to 100. Young learners will love this video.

Comparing easy numbers
Primary 1 comparing easy numbers using the famous symbols. Very easy and very clearly explained. Good video.

Basic Shapes
Video that explains basic shapes and uses songs and daily object to illustrate the use of the shapes. Funny characters make learning a piece of cake.

Drawing Shapes
Great cartoon video about drawing the basic shapes as a stimulation for remedial teaching for at home of in the classroom.

The World of Elly
Elly tells about her world by describing all the circles around her, from lamps, traffic lights, the sun and more. Hand on primary geometry video to explain all about the concept of circles

Repeating Pattern
Video showing repeating shape patterns in real life. Great math video illustrating the importance and basics of geometry presented by a carton rabbit.

How to teach a child math?
This video is all about teaching math to young learners and how to get them engaged. Great video!

Whole Brain teaching
Highly entertaining video about power packed whole brain teaching.

Math education: The inconvenient truth
Very interesting video about the alarming state of math education in the United States.

Multiple Intelligences
Interesting topic.To may schools and curricula are focussing on academic skills and do not recognize other intelligences in our children.

Grade 1 Addition I
This video clip clearly explains how to add basic numbers using marbles. Well paced and excellent for young learners.

Number line subtraction grade 1
Cartoon like math video using a number line and a catchy tune to explain the basics of subtraction. This video is great for young grade 1 math students.

Grade1 subtraction I
This video clip clearly explains how to subtract basic numbers using balloons. Well paced and excellent for young learners.

Place Value Grade 2
Very catchy rock song explaing ones, tens and hundreds. Excellent grade 2 mathematics video that rocks. Students will love this one!

3D Shapes
Great geometry video about 3D shapes. The video introduces shapes like a sphere, cone, cube and cylinder and relates them to the basic 2D shapes.

3D Shapes
Colorful video with rotating 3D shapes such as cone, pyramid, sphere, cylinder, prism and many more. Simple but effective primary geometry video

Semi Circles
Math video about semi circles and which objects they make up. Very simple but clear geometry instruction.

Adding 2 and 3 digit numbers Grade 2
Very clear video on how to add 2 and 3 digit numbers using a pen and a notebook. Well paced and explained.

3 digit addition Grade 2
This video is made by grade 2 students who are explaining how to add 3 digit numbers by using a horizontal column method. Very interesting!

3 digit subtraction Grade 2
Simple but effective math video. A teacher explains how to subtract 3 digit numbers using the traditional green board!

3 digit subtraction Grade 2
Instruction video on how to subtract 3 digit numbers using the place value methods. This video is made by a group of students.

Times 2 Grade 1 and 2
This rap song teaches the times 2 table. Kids will love this catchy multiplication song. Excellent video for grade 1 students.

Times 5 Grade 1 and 2
Studying the times 5 table and listening to a catchy song! Multiplication doesn't get any nicer than with this video.

Times 4 Grade 2
Use these multipliction videos in your classroom. Students love watching these math clips and learn how to multiply by 4 at the same time.

Times 6 Grade 2
The times 6 table can be tricky to memorize and that's exactly why you should show this video! Students love these catchy math songs.

Times 7 Grade 2
This is a great times 7 rock song. Very catchy and great video clip. Your students will love studying multiplication tables with these clips.

Times 8 Grade 2
Studying the times 8 table with Michael Jackson? Yes, the makers of this video created a Michael jackson tribute using the times 8 table. Lovely!

Times 9 Grade 2
Great video that explains how to use your fingers by ultiplying numbers by 9. Accompanied with a catchy song, your students will like this video.

Division by 2 Grades 1 and 2
Excellent and fun video with cartoon graphics. The video uses tennis balls to explain division by 2. We love this video!

Children's Division Grades 1 and 2
Very good visualization of division problems using marbles. Well paced and excellent for grade 1 and 2 students.

Basic Division Grades 1 and 2
Excellent video for young learners that explains all division vocabulary and connects division to multiplication.

Introduction to Fractions Grades 1 and 2
Excellent and fun video that uses red and white fish to introduce students to fractions. We love this video as it's highly entertaining!

What is a Fraction Grades 1 and 2
Very good visualization of fractions using circles and shaded equal parts. Well paced and excellent for grade 1 and 2 students.

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