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What is a Decimal Grade 4
This video explains clearly what decimals are and explains their relationship to fractions. Well paced video and suited for grade 4 students.

Tenths and Hundredths Grade 4
Excellent video for young learners that explains all about the basics of decimals, tenths and hundredths, using visuals. Great video.

Writing Decimal Grades 3 and 4
Great and funny video explaining how to write decimal numbers in relation to their place values. Well paced! We like this video.

Place Value Decimals Grade 4
Grade 4 place value math video. On a catchy rap song kids can learn how to place and name thousands to thousandths.

Subtracting decimals Grades 4 and 5
Subtracting decimals made easy! This teacher uses the place value method and explains how to subtract decimals from whole numbers.

Rounding off Decimals Grade 5
Rather slow paced but very clear instruction video on rouding off numbers to the nearest tenth or hundredth using a math word problem.

Conversion Decimals and Fractions Grade 5
Excellent video that expalins very clearly how to convert fractions into decimals. This is made made easy! Good video.

Adding Decimals Grade 5
Adding decimals can be tricky. Students need to learn how to use decimal models and that's exactly what this video brings!

Dividing Decimals Grades 5 and 6
Great video that explains howdivide decimal numbers by decimal numbers. Well paced and very clearly explained! Top math video.

Adding Money Grade 6
This video uses mental math methods to add money (with decimals) rapidly. Great video for grade 6 and up.

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