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Introduction to Fractions Grades 1 and 2
Excellent and fun video that uses red and white fish to introduce students to fractions. We love this video as it's highly entertaining!

What is a Fraction Grades 1 and 2
Very good visualization of fractions using circles and shaded equal parts. Well paced and excellent for grade 1 and 2 students.

Equivalent Fractions Grade 3
Very clear and visual explanation of equivalent fractions. Excellent for grade 3 math students. We love this video.

Equivalent Fractions Grade 3
This video makes math and fractions look easy! Very simple but very effective. We really recommend this video for grade 3 math students.

Adding fractions Grade 3
How to make fractions easy? Well the maker of this video clip did just that. Adding fractions with the same denominator looks very simple this way!

Subtracting fractions Grade 3
Very clear fraction video for grade 3 and 4! This video shows step by step how to subtract fractions with different denominators.

Adding fractions Grade 4
This video explains how to add (simple) unlike fractions. Excellent for end grade 3 or beginning grade 4 math students.

Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers Grade 4
Very clearly explained about improper and proper fractions and about mixed numbers. Well paced and great for grade 4 students.

Subtracting mixed numbers Grades 4 and 5
This video clearly explains how to subtract mixed number with unlike denominators by turning mixed numbers in improper fractions.

Dividing mixed numbers Grades 5 and 6
Dividing mixed numbers can be tricky and difficult but the narrator of this video explains it very clearly. math made easy!

Dividing fractions Grade 6
Great and fun rap song explaining how to divide fractions by fractions. Very clear explanation using visuals! Lovely!

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