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Times 2 Grade 1 and 2
This rap song teaches the times 2 table. Kids will love this catchy multiplication song. Excellent video for grade 1 students.

Times 5 Grade 1 and 2
Studying the times 5 table and listening to a catchy song! Multiplication doesn't get any nicer than with this video.

Times 4 Grade 2
Use these multipliction videos in your classroom. Students love watching these math clips and learn how to multiply by 4 at the same time.

Times 6 Grade 2
The times 6 table can be tricky to memorize and that's exactly why you should show this video! Students love these catchy math songs.

Times 7 Grade 2
This is a great times 7 rock song. Very catchy and great video clip. Your students will love studying multiplication tables with these clips.

Times 8 Grade 2
Studying the times 8 table with Michael Jackson? Yes, the makers of this video created a Michael jackson tribute using the times 8 table. Lovely!

Times 9 Grade 2
Great video that explains how to use your fingers by ultiplying numbers by 9. Accompanied with a catchy song, your students will like this video.

2 digit multiplication Grade 4
This video uses a great trick to multiply 2 digit numbers rapidly. Very creative way of multiplying. Great video for grade 4 and up.

3 digit multiplication Grade 5 and 6
Very clear instruction video about multiplying 3 digit numbers by 3 digit numbers. Students will understand this concept much better after watching this clip.

Multiplying without calculator Grade 6
This video shows how you can multiply 2 digit numbers by using graphics and without calculator. Students will love this trick.

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