onebillion Math Apps

onebillion is a nonprofit organization developing software apps to teach math, literacy and English to marginalized young children around the world, in their own language.

onebillion apps are available in a range of languages including US English and over 50 others. The math content has been written and developed to give children a great start in basic math skills, whether they are studying in the US, UK or Malawi.

The child is the complete focus of the apps and all instructions and teaching are given in a simple and friendly audio format so that reading ability is no barrier to learning. Every app that onebillion sells worldwide, contributes to supporting their ongoing work in Malawi and other developing nations.

onebillion's first math app, Math, age 3-5 features 10 fun and engaging topics such as: sorting and matching, patterns and shapes, comparing, counting and addition.

Each topic has 7 different sections, with different lessons and games designed to give your child a full introduction to the math concepts, followed by games and practice. Each topic finishes with a quiz to test what they've learned.

The second app, Math, age 4-6 covers the next stage of the math curriculum, with 12 extensive topics, including Counting to 100, Fractions, Number Lines and 2D and 3D Shapes.

For your child to practice what they have learnt and cement key skills, we also have a number of smaller apps, to give practice in counting to 10 or 20, and 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

onebillion math apps have been shown to have transformative learning outcomes. An independent study by the University of Nottingham in the UK showed that 6 weeks of using the onebillion math app was as effective as 18 months of standard classroom practice. In fact, one week of using the onebillion software for 30 minutes a day equaled three months of formal education. In Malawi, children using the app are making gains that would typically be expected to take 12 to 18 months of teaching in just six weeks.

All of the apps are available for download on the iTunes App Store. They are already very popular with children and parents across the world, as well as being widely used by schools in the US, UK and Malawi.

For more information about this great math initiative, please visit onebillion's website.

onebillion is a nonprofit organization

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