Mind Reading Numbers

Pick a number and related symbol and let the math magic crystal ball guess it.

This math trick will astonish you and make you wonder how on earth a blue crystal ball can guess a number you picked and related symbol. How does it work? Quite simple:

Choose any 2 digit number, add both digits together and then subtract this sum from the original 2 digit number. (Example 1: 23 - (2+3) = 18, example 2: 45 -(4+5) = 36).

Use this outcome to look up a related symbol in a symbol chart. It is known that mind reading is easier done with symbols than with numbers. Now focus on the symbol (and not the number), concentrate and project the symbol clearly in your mind. When you are really focused click on the magic blue ball and you will see the symbol you were thinking about.

Is this magic or just a trick? We leave it up to you to decide. We know for sure that our math students love this trick and are always asking for it. We use it as a positive reinforcement in math class at the end of the week. When our students work hard, do their math homework and behave alright, we have time for some magic tricks or math videos. Math made fun!

Where can you find this magic ball mind reader?
Click here for an online version of the trick or click here for a version that you can download and install on your computer.

The mind reader works with Flash and is not suited for mobile devices and tablets. For these devices we advise a similar app in the Google Playstore.

For those among us who don't believe in magic and would like this trick debunked, check out this webpage. Be warned that this will take the fun away.

The Flash Mind Reader is created by Andy Naughton. All credits to him!

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