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Are boys better at math?
2012-09-21 by Erik Bitter

Boys may be better at math than girls according to researchers of the University of Missouri.

Are boys really better at math than girls, or is this a case a wrong perception? And if this is really the case, what would be the reasons for this? Are genetic factors at play? The academic world seems to be divided on this gender issue. Some studies point out exactly the opposite and again other studies claim that there is no significant difference in ability between boys and girls.  Read more about it.

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Mind Reading Numbers
Pick a number and related symbol and let the math magic crystal ball guess it.

This is a fantastic mind bending addition math trick. Your students will love the awesome abilities of the blue crystal ball. Could this be for real?
Find out how it works
Fubuki Puzzles
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onebillion Math Apps
2014-10-06 by Text by Alexandra Turner, onebillion

onebillion is a nonprofit organization developing software apps to teach math, literacy and English to marginalized young children around the world, in their own language.

At present onebillion math apps cover all of the core math concepts for the first two years of a child's school. The apps are available in a range of languages. All math instructions and teaching are given in a simple and friendly audio format so that reading ability is no barrier to learning.Read More

Sudoku for Kids
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Math Crossword Puzzles
We have some great math crossword puzzles that will boost your math skills by having fun.

Do you like to do puzzles and learn basic math at the same time? Print our pdf math puzzles and use your math skills
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How to multiply without calculator
2014-09-25 by Willy Wonka

Multiplying multiple digits made easy with this Japanese math trick

Watch this super cool math video and discover a Japanese math trick that will surprise you. Doing multiple digit multiplication exercises by simply drawing some lines and circles. The math trick can be introduced in math classes or in math tutoring centers as remedial math material or teaser. This is primary math made easy.Read More

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Addition Puzzles Printable Kakuro
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