Remedial Math Materials

Not everyone aces in math. Math can be easy for one but a headbanger for others. Because mathematics is part of a so called spiral curriculum it is absolutely necessary to keep up with the content in school.


When students miss out certain concepts and topics, the chances will be that the child will be struggling with math in the rest of its school 'career'. This is also the reason that many after school tutoring business are mushrooming and are part of a serious business. Many parents work hard to pay for these extra schooling hours.


It is of course also possible to catch up with math at home, in a more trusted environment, with some music on the background, some cookies and tea and without large financial investments. There are thousands of great websites online offering remedial math materials.


Here at we have added our Skills-series. This series contains out of 10 workbooks with math worksheets covering basic skills and nothing more. All free and printable for the grade levels 1 through 6.


Skills I is the most basic remedial math booklet in our serie and focuses primarily on addition and subtraction and the forming of number bonds! Excellent for grade 1 and 2 students who do not have the speed or accuracy to complete their math work.


Feel free to download the whole series and use them at home or in school. After completing all exercises, math should be a walk in the proverbial park for you! Good luck.


Our other remedial Skills booklets:






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