Printable Christmas Math Worksheets

Not only do we offer you Christmas puzzles this year, but we also added a selection of X-mas math practice worksheets. Our Christmas math activities are for grade levels 1 through 6 and based on the Singapore math curriculum.

Select one of the following grade levels:

Our holiday themed math worksheets are made for math students from grade 1 through 6 and are made by teachers. These online math resources are free and printable for home schooling or in math class.

For a lot of students it can be important to either practice or be challenged in math not only in school but also at home. Using online math materials such as videos, math games and puzzles or worksheets can benefit any math student. It also allows parents to be more involved in their child's education and give parents the opportunity to understand why a child faces might face difficulties in math.

Math education should not only be taught at school as some superficial scientific subject, but should be integrated with daily life practices. And an important part of a student's daily life takes place at home and in interaction with the parents. So mom's and dad', time to start polishing up those brains synapses and do some math this coming season.

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