Skills II: Grade 1 and 2 multiplication and division workbook

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    1 and 2 exercises			
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Multiplication and division are basic topics that students learn in the first 2 grade levels at school. They are with addition and subtraction the most fundamental topics a child will encounter in its math development.


When a child can multiply (and divide) without much thinking and without falling back on adding numbers, it will learn all future math topics much easier. Its all related!


Children who can not, or have difficulties in reciting the times tables will lack speed and accuracy to master more advanced topics in future school years. Memorization of the times tabels is boring and dreadful but absolutely necessary.


This workbook contains 20 pages of multiplication and division exercises and is highly recommended for all second grade students. When a student can do a page within 2/3 minutes it is on the right track. So parents and teachers, print this booklet and use it! Free and downloadable!


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