Line Graphs (Grade 6) Worksheets
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On this page you find our selection of primary math Line Graph workheets. Line graphs are a math topic great to practice all kinds of math skills such as the basic operations, ratios and percentages. The students need to analyze the line graphs, collect and arrange the data and then apply this information to all kind of math situation and problems.

Our line chart worksheets are made for math grade 4 and up and cover parts of the curriculum of those math years. Our line graphs for grade 4 are mostly based on the 4 operations and averages and students will have to 'crack' the scaling. Our line graph activities contain unknowns as scales to make them even more challenging and engaging.

Our fifth and sixth grade line graph worksheets have bigger scales than those of teh fourth grade and the math problems are mostly based on ratio and percent calculation. Some of our grade 6 line graph resources can be very challenging and require a tutor or teacher to explain them first.

Please feel free to download and use our line graph, or progress chart worksheets and enhance your math and logic skills.

Our line graph exercises and worksheets are based on the following Singaporean Curriculum math topics:

  • Reading and interpreting line graphs
  • Being able to draw line graphs
  • Being able solve problems with the presented data
  • Being able to use different scales
  • Being able to solve unknowns in the scales
  • Being able to read and interpret double line graphs
  • Completing data tables using the line graph

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