Math Magic and Math Tricks


Everyone loves math trick and math magic tricks. We have a small selection of great trick videos that can be used in school or at home. Can you figure out these math oddities?


Choose one of the following math tricks:


Find the chosen Card
Let a spectator pick a card, put it back in the stack and you'll be able to find that card using a math countdown method. Excellent magic trick.

Number Mind Reading
Let someone pick a number, do some math and guess the chosen number. Excellent math video trick for primary students.

Adding 4 digit Numbers Trick
Add 5 random chosen four digit numbers and predict the outcome upfront. Impossible? Great math magic trick video for grade 3 or up.

1089 Number Trick
Choose a 3 digit number, subtract and add the opposites and the result will always be 1,089. Great math trick for in school or with your friends.

Power of 4 Card Trick
Super easy to learn card trick that will surprise everyone. You can tell everyone what the 4th card in a stack is. Fun!

Multiply 9 with your fingers
Use your fingers to multiply number 9. Great and easy math trick that will make multiplication simple.

Japanese Math Lines
How can you multiply 2 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers without using a calculator. This is a great Japanese math trick.

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