A puzzle a Day keeps failing at Bay

A puzzle a day keeps failing at bay refers to the importance of math puzzles and games in a ESL school setting.

So we need to be creative and find ways to engage our students beyond the level you would have to engage a native speaker of a language of instruction.

In his book "The Art and Science of Teaching", Robert Marzano describes and advises on how to engage students better. The rationale for this website is based on his findings, students like to play games! When we present our material in the form of games and puzzles, students will take the bait.


Sounds too easy almost. New media such as internet, CD Roms, Video Games, Active Boards and Social Media can be used by teachers to present content in a modern way. Many websites, such as this one, are dedicated to make puzzles and games to engage our students!


It's absolutely possible to teach non-native speakers math (or science) in English whenever we find the key to student engagement.

We strongly advise to read Dr. Marzano's book and hope that you will visit our Blogger article:' A puzzle a day keeps failing at bay'.

Written on a blue Monday by Erik Bitter

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