Are boys better at math?

Boys may be better at math than girls according to researchers of the University of Missouri.

The question whether boys or girls are better at math than one another is one that has been on many educational researchers' mind. It' s hard to claim that math logical skills are gender sensitive and could easily result in a lengthy discussion.

Research shows that girls tend to be more accurate and on task in school. Boys, on the other hand, dare to take more risks while studying. And this error-prone approach seem to benefit them during their math classes, especially in secondary school.

A recent research done by the University of Missouri involves 300 students who are followed from grade 2 to grade 6. A remarkable finding was that the slow but accurate approach of girls benefits them in the lower grades and the more risk taking approach of boys gave them a benefit in later years in their studies.

The researchers also found that many math teachers are biased in their opinion that girls are less capable of math and that teacher grade the girls' work lower than that of boys.

The study shows that risk taking is an important factor in success and that parents can prepare their children by letting the master the basic math facts before entering grade school.

The discussion of the difference in ability between boys and girls will, without doubt, trigger many more educational experts to do extensive research in this field.

This information is based on an article posted in the HuffingtonPost

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